Thai desserts and confectionery are renowned for their delicate feature, unique taste and exquisite decoration. This is exactly offered at Kanom Ban Arjarn. Freshness and top quality are paramount and only best ingredients are selected. Furthermore, they are beautifully presented in desighed packets which make them very special gift.

Kanom Ban Arjarn is originated in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 1991 by a couple who were both lecturers. Firstly, they made a sweet called “Pia” as a new year gift. As the reputation of the taste had been rapidly spread around Chiang Mai and vicinity, in 1992, they set up a business of their sweet, “Pia” , at home and named it “Kanom Ban Arjarn”, which means “sweets at the lecturers' house”.

Now Kanom Ban Arjarn has gained prestige and become one of the places, where tourists visiting Chiang Mai come to buy the products back home as a gift or souvenir.

We ensure this by providing the highest standards of products. While the competition in today's market is higher, we guarantee that the quality of our products remains comparable to that of original ones.

At present, our products are admired among Chiangmai people and foreign buyers. We offer not only of tasteful desserts but also typical one, as an important key to highly fulfill the customers' own favorite utmost.
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